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I don’t know about you, but at anyone time, I’ve usually got my headphones on, 4-5 fullscreen apps open, 2-3 spaces and somewhere in this organised chaos that is my desktop, iTunes is running hiding somewhere in the background playing my vast collection of music.

This meant that anytime I wanted to add the currently playing song to one of my playlists I’d have to go through the whole song and dance (no pun intended) of finding iTunes, then finding the song, choosing the playlist, creating it if need be and sometimes even adding it to a playlist it was already on to begin with!

Not anymore!

Add to iTunes Playlist is my first extension for the incredible Alfred app.

This extension allows you to quickly add the currently playing song to the playlist of your choosing and notifies you using Growl! (There is a non Growl version below too)
If the song has already been added to your chosen playlist you’ll also be notified!

Once it’s installed all you have to do is use the keyword “plist” followed by the playlist’s name. Example:

“plist Blues”

This will add the current song to the “Blues” playlist – if the playlist doesn’t already exist it’ll create it for you!

If the song is already on the playlist, you’ll be notified and it won’t get added.

That’s it!
Let me know what you think about the extension!

Download & Installation

Assuming your a Powerpack user, all you have to do is download the extension and double click it.

IF you would like to use this extension but DO NOT have Growl, download it from here.

NB: The extension is only case-sensitive when creating a playlist.
If the playlist already exists, “Blues” & “blues” are handled the same way.

I’ve thoroughly tested this extension using:
Alfred 1.3.1
OS X 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)
iTunes 10.7.2
Growl 2.0

Should you find any bugs please report them.

This extension is fully compatible with @jdfwarrior’s Extension Updater.

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